International Advanced Robotics Programme

Robotics for Humanitarian De-mining


The development of a Robotics System not only depends on the technical aspects and modular components allowing the correct design of the remote controlled platform(s): the application related constraints have also to be carefully analysed in order to achieve the success of the whole system.

The constraints related to the Humanitarian De-mining, and more generally to outdoor applications, may be summarised as follows:  a high level of protection against the environmental conditions (dust, humidity, temperature, etc.), protection and resistance against vibration and mechanical shocks (particularly by de-mining tasks and explosion risk of a non-detected AP mine generating a blast spreading above an angle of 30-35 degrees (a low robot profile being recommended)), long and continuous operation time between battery charging/changing or refuelling, wireless communication range depending on the terrain and minefield location, low cost, affordable prices by use of off-the-shelf components (typical constraint for HUDEM due to the lack of a real commercial market),  high reliability, fail-safeness, easy maintenance, easy to use, application of matured technology.


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